Weather Questions

Q: What are the wind conditions like in Hua-Hin, Thailand ?

A: South East wind is affected by three major weather patterns.
The northeasterly monsoon, the southwesterly monsoon, and the change over period or summer. The start and end of these seasons vary from year to year usually 3-4 weeks around the given change over month.

Q: What about the northeast monsoon season (November to March) ?

A: This is the mild period of the year and cooler temperatures are experienced in December and January. The wind comes from the North East. Winds vary from 8 up to 20 knots and blow for the majority of the season. The East coast is best for kiteboarding over this period. At the start of the Season wind will start from the northeast and eventually swing around east then to the southeast.

Q: What about the summer or pre-monsoon season (March to mid-May) ?

A: This is the transitional period from the northeast to southwest monsoons. The weather becomes warmer, especially in upper Thailand. April is the hottest month. The winds is a land breeze generated from localised high land temperatures and lower temperatures of the ocean. Wind speeds vary from location to location but can range from 4-20 knots. The Hua Hin area receives the best thermal breezes in Thailand during this time, this is because of close proximity to a mountain range which acts to throttle the land breeze. An additional accelaration of the sea breeze occurs when a low pressure system located to left of thailand generates a Southerly wind, adding a turbo charger to the seasbreeze.

Q: What about the southwest monsoon season (mid-May to mid-October) ?

A: Over this period the southwest monsoon prevails over Thailand. Abundant rainfall occurs over the country during this period, with the wettest months being May and August – September. The wind comes from the Southwest throughout these months thus the term the SW monsoons. Wind vary from 8 to 20 knots with the average being 10-12 knots. As the season progresses, the wind will begin in the southwest and eventually swing around to the northwest. During days of stormy weather, storms can create wind squalls of winds up to 40 knots, so when a storm appears on the horizon please finish up kiteboarding ASAP as these conditions are very dangerous.

Q: What are the waves and water conditions ?

A: In Hua Hin There is no surf, but choppy waves and some locations have flat water. We have 5 km of beach to play with, which makes for great downwinders, practicing tricks and wave riding the chop. Water temperature is warm all year round, so a pair of shorts will do.

Q: What about the kite sizes ?

A: Kites to bring if you are coming at the NE season you should come with a 9m – 14m kite (some time the wind can get up to 25knots) but most of the time you could kite surf with a 12m kite. in the NE season the average kite in the sky’s of hua hin is 12m kite up to 8m kite weather.