Kitesurfing lesson frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of courses do you offer for beginners ?

A: We offer a 3 day course for beginners. This is our recommended course for any one wishing to learn all the necessary skills needed to have a safe and fun start to kiteboarding. By the end of the 3 days you should be water starting and have gained a lot of confidence with the kite and board.
A few more days practice and you will be up and going competently on the board and hooked for life. We offer all personal safety and kiting equipment with our course, as well as a shower and toilet facility. Just bring along sunscreen, a hat and UV rated sunglasses with a strap to hold them to your head.

Q: Why should I do a beginners course ?

A: Flying the kite is a major factor in kiteboarding and must be learned in a safe and competent way to avoid injury to yourself and others. Our instructors will teach you in a step by step approach, starting with a small 4 line kite on 10m lines and moving to 25m lines, then to the larger and more powerful kites for body dragging and board riding.
We teach you how to Kiteboard in a safe manner including all those helpful hints that experienced kiteboarders have learnt though trial and error. We also assist with equipment education thus assisting in the difficult process of purchasing a board and kite that is best suited to you and your kiting location. We also offer an additional 30+ page booklet which helpful information for after you finish the course.
The course is basically a fast track way to learn to kiteboard without the heartache and danger associated with learning on your own. You will also save money. Why trash your own equipment when you can use our school’s kites and boards which are specifically designed for the beginner?

Q: What do you teach in the course ?

A: We have a comprehensive lesson plan based on the international kitesurfing organization (IKO) teaching methods this outlines the skills that our instructors will teach. It can be broken down into the following levels:
Level 1 – Wind theory, basic safety, 4 line kite setup.
Level 2 – flying 4 Line Kite with 10m lines.
Level 3 – assisted launching and landing, water relaunching, self landing, rescue techniques.
Level 4 – Body dragging techniques, upwind body dragging.
Level 5 – Board riding.

Q: Where do you teach ?

A: In Hua Hin Thailand, depending on weather and tide we teach in a number of locations, the main location is on the beach opposite market village and our 2nd location is located next to the Marriott.

Q: Do I get a refund if there is no wind ?

A: Yes, we have in place a fair and reliable method for refunding money. If the conditions are not conducive to learning, we will have no hesitation in refunding your money.

Q: Do I have to take the 3 days consecutively ?

A: Yes, it is preferable that you take the course in consecutive days. This will ensure that the kiteboarding skills will be driven in to your brain, otherwise people tend to forget what they only just learnt a few days or weeks before. As with any new skill it is best to train your brain over and over consecutively otherwise most of what you learn might be lost.

Q: Can I take private lessons, one on one ?

A: We have a maximum of 4 students per instructor. Doing the course in a group makes for a more enjoyable time and you can learn from the mistakes of others. If you want a private lesson, notify us and we will arrange it.

Q: Do I need to book my courses ?

A: We would prefer if you can give us the exact dates you would like to complete a course in order to confirm that we have a place available for you and make life easier for us.

Q: Do you have intermediate – advanced lessons ?

A: Yes, we have intermediate lessons which cover any skills you would like to improve.
Depending on the location we can either follow you along in the boat, quad bike or on a kite or we can use our helmet mounted radios.