Kitesurfing Equipment Center


Kitesurfing equipment in Thailand is cheapest at our Hua Hin Kiteboarding Center.

At our various centers in Thailand we sell the cheapest Kites and Boards. For sale not only in Thailand but Worldwide.

When buying a set of Kitesurfing Equipment you need a Kite including Bar and Lines, a Harness and A Board. and all the extras a kite surfer needs. Such as Sunglasses, Wind Meters, Gloves,  Board Leashes, Hats , Lycras and Even Jellyfish Pants. to protect from the local jellyfish here at our Hua Hin Center, Thailand.

Equipment – Kites:
We sell all the latest kite models from lots of brands. Such as : Cabrinha, Airush, North, F-One, Slingshot,Flexifoil and O-Zone.
for any kite brand we provide all the sizes of the Kites not only the Ones suited for Our Hua Hin Thailand Center conditions.
we also provide spare parts and warrantee for all the largest kite brands in the Market.

Equipment – Boards:
We have boards from Cabrinha, Airush, Nobile, and Magnum Boards. we sell all the latest boards as well as some of the older more popular models available.we sell a wide variety of Board Types, such as Wake skates, Wake Style Boards, Mountain Boards, Surf Boards, Race Boards , Skim Boards.
Equipment – Harnesses:
In our Hua Hin Center We Carry Mystic, Airush , Cabrinha and Naish Harnesses. we are proud of our wide variety of Seat and Waist Harnesses available. In Our Kitesurfing Center we have the latest and cheapest harnesses and equipment available for sale.

Unlike other centers in Thailand Our Hua Hin Center REALLY has all the kitesurfing Equipment in stock, and most of the sizes for the main brands we have available immediately for you to buy.  our Hua Hin, Thailand Center is the BIGGEST retail shop in Asia
all of our staff at our Hua Hin Thailand Center are professional kite surfers and will be happy to help you pick equipment suited for your location and wind / water conditions.
if you need extra extras for your own boards we have all G10 Fins and a Large Collection of Footstraps such as Mystic / Cabrinha / Nobile and Airush Footstraps.