Kitesurfing Equipment Buyers Guide

Buying your own kiteboarding equipment is a very important decision to do .When you buy a kite or a board you will chose the equipment that you will be using for the next couple of years. That’s why it is important to choose the right size, shape and style of your gear.

kitesurfing gear: Getting your kite.

There are 3 major shapes of kites :

  • “BOW” KITES . The shape of a Bow kite is the most open arc than all .Mostly a bow kite will have the biggest wind range ,will be easy to relaunch ,very stable on the sky . – this type of kites will be good for beginner kitesurfers /free ride / all around kites  ,some of them even for freestyle hooked in (old school).

Most of the bow kites will have a 4 line bar system witch make them easier and simple to use and safer and emergency situation when you need to quick release your kite.

  • “C” KITES. The “C” shape kites has the most close arc of all shapes. This type of kites have lower wind range and not as stable than a Bow kite and they hey are very fast turning .Those kites will be good for advance kite surfers, they are the best kites for free style unhook/new school/wake style. The feeling of a “C” shape kite is very direct responsive. This type of kites will normally come with 5 lines bar to add stability to the kite.
  • “HYBRID” KITES. The properties of a Hybrid kite is between a “C” shape and a BOW kite, not as close arc as a pure “C” kite and not as open as a “BOW” kite. There are many types of hybrid kites such as the airush lithium kite. Some of them will be better for free ride like a Bow kite and some of them will be closer to a C shape kite and give a good unhooked abilities. Most of the waves kites is a type of a hybrid kite. Most of the kitesurfing hybrid kites come with 4 lines bar; few of them come with 5 line bar.

kitesurfing gear: Getting your Board:

When getting your own kite board you need to look at the location you will ride in: if you main kitesurfing area and the style of your riding the most popular board is the twin tip.

If you are riding in a flat water spot you will like to use a bit stiffer board when kiting in choppy water a more flexible board will be easier on your knees and lower back. If you are into freestyle kite boarding a stiffer board will normally give you a better “pop”. The “up wind” ability of the board is affected by the rocker of the board and the wide of the board tips.

More rocker and narrower tips are better for free ride and wakestyle kiteboarding.

Less rocker and wider tips are better for free ride kitesurfing and will give you a better “up wind” ability.

There are many different kinds of boards beside the “twin tip” like a surf board or a skim board. You can take this sport to what style fits you the most.

For more information about kites and boards, please contact us or check the websites of our recommended brands : Cabrinha Kites, Airush and Nobile Boards.