Kite surfing School in Thailand – Hua Hin

Welcome to our Kitesurfing School Thailand where we offer quality lessons and tailor our lessons to your needs.

Whether you’re new to kitesurfing, an intermediate rider looking to refresh your skills or even if you are an Experienced Kitesurfer just looking to learn some new tricks, we have what you need.

We also have lots of Kite Schools in Thailand. These are in many locations such as Pattaya, Phuket, Pranburi, Koh Samui and Chumphon.

At Kite surf School Thailand our goal is to teach you to be a safe and Responsible kitesurfer so you are prepared for any situations you will encounter while on the beach and out at sea. Our Lessons use IKO Certified Instructors with a maximum of 2 students per teacher. This means you get feedback tailored around YOU. Because of this we have direct contact with the student at all times regardless of whether you are in the water or on the beach. This increases the quality and safety of our lessons.

We also offer Private lessons which include 1 on 1 teaching to help address any issues you have or any new skills you want to learn. We teach in a wide variety of languages so that you can be sure to understand everything when learning. We can teach in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, Thai and Many more!

From our 11 years’ experience in Thailand we have found that the Ideal amount of time to learn to Kitesurf Is a 3 day package which helps spread out all the information so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

We have also optimized our equipment for performance in Hua Hin so you can be confident with the equipment you are using. We use new 2012 equipment so you have the most up to date information when learning.

ALL of the lessons at our include IKO Certification which means that if you ever need to rent equipment worldwide or resume lessons at another location the schools will understand exactly what you have and have not done.

Come visit our Kite School Thailand and learn to Kitesurf now, you won’t regret it!

We have a large amount of facilities to help you learn comfortably including showers next to the beach, air compressor’s to help make pumping easier, and a tent on the beach where you can relax between lessons. We also have Free Wi-Fi and have Boat and Jet-ski Rescues available.

We have Trained Assistants on the beach to help you land and Launch your kite and to help when you need it. We offer storage facilities for our customers so you don’t have to carry your equipment around every day while on holiday.

For Advanced Riders our Kitesurf School Thailand provides you with a Radio Helmet so you can Receive Immediate Feedback Tailored to your needs. Whether you want to learn Upwind Riding, You’re first Jumps or even your struggling with your back rolls we are here for YOU!

Our lessons offers :

1 day discovery 1 day private lesson 1 day intermediate – advanced course 3 days beginner course

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